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October 2020 News News page Archive
The Washington County Senior Services Levy supports the Meals on Wheels Program of Washington-Morgan Community Action

Mrs. Smith is 90 years old and lives alone. Mrs. Smith lives in the home where she raised her family and cannot imagine leaving the home she has lived in all her life. Mrs. Smith’s family has been trying to “social distance” from her due to the corona virus. They are fearful they could spread the virus. Due to medical reasons, Mrs. Smith is unable to drive herself to places where she used to go, like the grocery store. Mrs. Smith also has a very hard time cooking her meals, let alone thinking about cooking a nutritious meal. Mrs. Smith lives on a fixed income, with most of her income being used for essential basic needs such as utilities and medications. Mrs. Smith receives a homed delivered meal from the home delivered meal program of Washington-Morgan Community Action.

This story represents the story of many of the seniors being served by the Home Delivered Meal program of Washington-Morgan Community Action. Most of the seniors are over the age of 75 and live alone. Many have family members who are fearful about infecting their elderly mother and/or father or elderly grandparents with the corona virus and can longer assist them with their day to day activities, such as preparing meals. Many of the seniors face numerous medical problems that make it impossible for them to leave their home and are highly susceptible to contracting the corona virus. Seniors on the program live on fixed incomes with much of their income being used towards basic needs such as shelter, utilities and medications.

Without proper nutrition, seniors can face many health-related issues, including but not limited to diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, digestive issues and other debilitating illnesses or the deadly corona virus. Health consequences of improper nutrition can also include increased falls, mental health issues and other issues such as severe burns or fires from trying to cook. Vulnerable seniors are at risk without proper meals and nutrition, even more so now with the corona virus pandemic.

The Washington County Senior Services Levy is up for replacement on the November 2020 ballot. The levy has enabled thousands of seniors get they help they need. The levy is administered by the Washington County Commissioners and supports many services for seniors that allow them to remain healthy and independent.

Between 2015 and 2019, the Senior Nutrition Program has provided 213,771 home-delivered meals and 69,543 meals at senior dining sites.

The Senior Nutrition Program offers hot, nutritious lunches to seniors over age 60 at congregate dining sites located in Beverly, New Matamoras, Layman, and Marietta. In addition to improving the health of seniors, the dining sites also provide social interaction and companionship. The Meals on Wheels program also offers home-delivered meals to home-bound seniors over age 60. This program allows seniors to remain independent as long as possible, and ensures that someone will check on them each day.

The Senior Services Levy, which voters renewed in 2017 is set to expire at the end of 2021 unless voters renew it. The Levy is 0.85 mills; the millage does not increase, and for a homeowner with a house valued at $100,000, the levy costs $29.75 a year, or just 57 cents a week. For less than a cup of coffee or a pack of gum, the Levy can help provide essential services to seniors. This November, please help our elderly neighbors, friends, and loved ones by voting “for” the Senior Services Levy.

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