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December 2008 News News page Archive
What If There Was Nothing From
Santa Under Your Christmas Tree?

Secret Santa makes a difference

Rachael’s Dad worked for the local plant for 16 years when he found out that he would no longer have a job on October 1st. Rachael’s Mom has survived breast cancer but has not yet been able to return to work. She had used up all her sick leave and was no longer receiving a paycheck.

For the first time, Rachael’s family did not know how they were going to pay the mortgage, pay the bills and feed the family along with providing Christmas gifts for the children. Luckily, while looking at the paper for a job, Rachael’s dad came across an article about Secret Santa, a program administered by Washington-Morgan Community Action. Rachael’s family was relieved that someone out there understood their dilemma and would be there to help them provide a Christmas for the children.

While this is a fictional story, there are many families that struggle to provide Christmas gifts for their families. Many struggle to make ends meet.

Secret Santa is a community project conducted by Washington-Morgan Community Action that matches families in need of Christmas gifts with generous residents and businesses throughout the county that are willing to share their Christmas spirit and donations.

Each year Washington-Morgan Community Action staff gather the names of hundreds of children whose parents may not be able, for a variety of reasons, to afford to celebrate the holiday season. Through community donations, Washington-Morgan Community action is able to buy toys, clothes, and food for children and families who would have gone without.

Those who want to help can sponsor a child or an entire family. The sponsor receives information about the child or family such as clothing and shoe sizes and what they would like to have for Christmas gifts. Those who do not want to sponsor a specific child or family can make a donation or purchase toys.

In 2007, the Secret Santa Program of Washington-Morgan Community Action provided Christmas gifts to 1,000 children in Washington County. Washington-Morgan Community Action has operated the Secret Santa program for over 10 years. The program began by serving a small number of children and has expanded into a program that services over 1,000 children each year.

Contact us if you’d like to participate in the Secret Santa program this year.

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